Oveready V5 Drop-In Deconstruction

the drop in was chucked up in a lathe,
then carefully trimmed at the base,
just above the bottom brass contact
plate to create a gap, and the large rim
on top was removed down to the optic
nearly. it was mostly loose in this
picture. only a small section remained
intact that was less than paper thin.

here with the paper thin remnant slipped
off the assembly. optic and board are
epoxied onto the pill. the optic and
board need to stay permanently as
one unit to not risk damage to the

I then desoldered the contacts on the
board, and inserted a screw driver
into the slot between the contact
plate and the pill, and twisted. did
this aroound the circumference of
the drop in to pull the contact plate
off, which was a very nice press fit
into place.

then I went back out and re-chucked
the drop in into the lathe and trimmed
back the drop in a bit more to expose
the full edge of the board. Then, using
a parting tool I carefully added a
groove between the board and the
heat sink.

then uses a screw driver to pop the
board off the remaining section. then
did some cleanup with a file of the
epoxy remnants

and left with an intact board and
optic assembly awaiting its new